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poultry unit

The University of Connecticut Poultry Farm has been a feature of the UCONN campus since the 1940’s. Our main focus is raising breeder and egg laying poultry stocks. This state-of- the-art facility reflects the high-tech operations that are the current industry standard and includes poultry housing as well as a hatchery. .

Name: Poultry Farm/Resource Unit
Features: Poultry housing and hatchery for commercial flocks and research strains. Sales of fertile eggs, young replacement stock and small batches of custom hatching. Eating eggs at the UConn Dairy Bar
Hours: 7 days a week
7AM-12 noon and 1PM-3PM
Address: Horsebarn Hill Road
Website: http://www.canr.uconn.edu/ansci/poultryfarm.htm
Phone: 860.486.2039

Name: Poultry Genetics Resource Unit
Features: Laboratory houses and cares for special collections of mutant poultry. Sales of fertile eggs to investigators in the research community. Supports Avian Genetics Task Force.
Hours: Not open to the public
Address: 1392 Storrs Road
Website: http://www.canr.uconn.edu/ansci/poultry/website.htm
Phone: 860-486-2427

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