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Atwater Laboratory
Hawley Armory
Koons Hall
Atwater Laboratory
Floriculture Greenhouses
Young, White, Jones & Hicks
Agricultural Biotechnology
Equine Unit
Sheep, Beef Cattle Unit
Swine Unit
Cattle Resource Unit
Kellogg Dairy Center
Poultry Unit
UConn Creamery
and Dairy Bar
Plant Science
Research Facility
Soil Testing Laboratory
Home and Garden
Education Center
College Resource Store
UConn Forest
(Fenton Tract)
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The Atwater building is the main location for teaching, research and serveral research centers within the Department of Pathobiology and Veterinary Sciences. The department is responsible for teaching, research, and extension programs concerned with infectious, metabolic, and toxic diseases of agricultural animals, companion animals, laboratory animals, pet birds, pultry, and wildlife. The Department consists of several units, including pathology, microbiology, virology, immunology, bacteriology, wildlife diseases, and microchemistry.

The centers include:
Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research
Connecticut Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
Avian Molecular Diagnostic and Research Laboratory
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