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Faculty and Advising


Faculty members of the Ratcliffe Hicks School of Agriculture teach associates degree courses as well as baccalaureate and graduate courses. Business owners and other professionals in animal science and plant science may also be employed as instructors, providing a direct connection with the agricultural industry. Instructors and advisors are accessible, and our student to faculty ratio is low. RHSA emphasizes the importance of communication and interaction between students and faculty.

Agricultural and Resource Economics

Rigoberto Lopez, Ph.D., Professor

Animal Science
Sheila M. Andrew, Ph.D., Associate Professor
John J. Bennett, Jr., Academic Assistant
Michael J. Darre, Ph.D., Professor
Cameron Faustman, Ph.D., Professor

Kristen Govoni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Thomas A. Hoagland, Ph.D., Professor
Gary W. Kazmer, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Richard A. Mancini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Alena Meacham,  Instructor

Robert A. Milvae, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Jenifer A. Nadeau, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Xiuchun Tian, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Marc Tufts, D.V.M., Assistant Extension Professor

Kumar S. Venkitanarayanan, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Steven A. Zinn, Ph.D., Professor and Department Head

Cooperative Extension

Joseph Bonelli, Ph.D., Associate Extension Educator in Residence

Natural Resources Management and Engineering

Issac M. Ortega, Ph.D., Associate Professor
John Volin, Ph.D., Professor


Sandra L. Bushmich. D.V.M., Professor
Mazhar, I.  Khan, D.V.M., Ph.D., Professor

Steven J. Geary, Professor

Plant Science
John Alexopoulos, M.L.A., Associate Professor
Carol A. Auer, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Gerald A. Berkowitz, Ph.D., Professor
Mark H. Brand, Ph.D., Professor
George C. Elliott, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Donna Ellis, M.S., Extension Educator

Karl Guillard, Ph.D., Professor
Jason Henderson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Julia A. Kuzovkina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ana Legrand, Ph.D., Assistant Extension Professor
Jessica Lubell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Richard J. McAvoy, Ph.D., Professor
Peter J. Miniutti, M.L.A., Associate Professor
Thomas F. Morris, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Steven Rackliffe, M.S., Extension Instructor
Christian P. Schulthess, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Kristin E. Schwab, M.L.A., Associate Professor
Suman Singha, Ph.D., Professor
Mark E. Westa, M.L.A., Associate Professor


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