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Students in the Ratcliffe Hicks program experience a balance of classroom, laboratory, and field work. Classroom instruction is enhanced by hands-on learning activities. Specialized facilities include high-tech classrooms, computer laboratories and a 500-seat indoor arena.

Plant Science Facilities

Horticulture students benefit from extensive plant materials on the 320-acre central campus, floriculture greenhouses, floral design studio, Hicks/Burr teaching nursery, landscape design studio, new agronomy farm and additional field facilities.

In the greenhouse, students gain experience in plant propagation by grafting plants, rooting cuttings, air layering plants, and treating seeds to overcome dormancy. At the Plant Tissue Culture Facility, students multiply lilac shoots in tissue culture and then root lilac microcuttings.

At the turfgrass facilities, students establish their own turf plots from seed, plant a number of different grass species, and study grass identification from previous years’ plots. They study insect and weed identification and learn integrated pest management practices. Students learn how to install turfgrass irrigation systems and perform maintenance operations in the field. They work with the latest equipment used by turfgrass managers.

Animal Science Facilities

The animal science program boasts teaching facilities for horses, dairy cattle, livestock, and poultry; a food sensory laboratory and food processing area; and several arenas including a lighted outdoor riding arena, an outdoor training area, and a heated indoor arena. The college maintains approximately 85 horses and specializes in the breeding
of Morgans.

Animal Science students gain hands-on experience in areas such as nutrition, health, grooming, showing, milking, and equipment use. Students working in the meats laboratory learn the basics of food science. At the UConn creamery, students participate in the making of ice cream, yogurt, and cheese. Students can be involved in research projects where, for instance, they might study growth rates and feed efficiency or identify a particular pathogen affecting animal heath.

Come Visit Us
We invite you to visit us because the reality is even more compelling than what you have read here. We will introduce you to our faculty, staff, and students and we answer your parents’ questions too!

Storrs is a great place to visit. We are in the rolling hills of Connecticut’s “Last Green Valley”, which offers hiking, skiing, and water sports. And yet the bright lights of Broadway are only 130 miles away. Boston and Providence are even closer. Opportunities for adventure outside the classroom are just down the road.

1. Koons Hall
2. Hawley Armory
3. Atwater Laboratory
4. Floriculture
5. Young, White, Jones & Hicks
6. Equine Unit
7. Sheep, Beef Cattle Unit
8. Swine Unit
9. Cattle Resource Unit
10. Kellogg Dairy Center
11. Poultry Unit
12. UConn Creamery and Dairy Bar
13. Plant Science Research Facility
14. Soil Testing Laboratory
15. Home and Garden Education Center
16. College Resource Store
17. UConn Forest (Fenton Tract)
18. Agricultural Biotechnology
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