We focus on the interaction of plants, soils and the use of land for the mutual benefit of people and sustainable environments. Our students acquire knowledge leading to successful careers through hands-on learning and internships.

Current Events


WFSB: UConn laboratory manager explains importance of not raking leaves

Dawn Pettinelli

Naturally@UConn: Students gain experience through PLSA summer internships

Brandon Coe (Turfgrass and Soil Science), Elizabeth Fontaine (Landscape Architecture), and Jacob Ricker (Horticulture)

Naturally@UConn: Research farm serves as a hub of activity

Steve Olsen, Greg Tormey, Scott Vose, Julia Kuzovkina, and Ana Legrand

Naturally@UConn: Meet undergraduate Bryan Jackson

Bryan Jackson

CAHNR and Engineering collaboration receives funding to develop innovative food, water and energy facility

Professor Richard McAvoy

The Daily Campus: Invasive plant species continue to impact Connecticut

Donna Ellis, Nicole Gabelman, and Cheryl Czuba