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Horticulture B.S. degree program

Horticulture includes the arts and sciences related to the cultivation of vegetable and fruit crops, and the production and use of plants to enhance human environments. In the Department of Plant Science, the major emphasis is on ornamental and environmental horticulture. The Horticulture program enjoys strong links to the Turfgrass Science program, and some students undertake dual majors. The Horticulture program is also closely tied to the Landscape Architecture program, and many students majoring in Horticulture will minor in Landscape Design.
Floricuture greenhouse facility on the
Storrs campus at the University of Connecticut. The facility is used for teaching and research as well as plant sales.
Horticulture majors can pursue a variety of other options, including Plant Biotechnology.

Horticulture requirements (in addition to the general requirements for all Plant Science major)

PLSC 217 Plant Physiology Investigations
PLSC 252 Soils Lab
PLSC 238 Plant Propagation

One of:
PLSC 214 Woody Landscape Plants Evergreen

PLSC 215 Woody Landscape Plants: Deciduous
PLSC 231 Herbaceous Plants

One of:
ARE 150 Principles of Agricultural and Resource Economics
215 Business Management
ECON 102 Principles of Economics
ECON 112 Principles of Microeconomics

Two of: 
PLSC 257 Ecology and Control of Weeds
PLSC 203 Plant Physiology
PLSC 204 Integrated Pest Management
PLSC 288 Insect Pest Management
EEB 288 Concepts of Applied Entomology

Two of:
PLSC 212 Vegetable Crops and Their Environment
PLSC 225 Greenhouse Technology and Operations
PLSC 226 Greenhouse Crop Production
PLSC 240/240W Nursery Management
PLSC 244 Garden Center Management
PLSC 245 Landscape Plant Maintenance
PLSC 292 Plant Tissue Culture


Sample of plan of studies:
Interested in general horticulture
Interested in pursuing a
minor in Landscape Design
Independent study
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