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Graduate faculty and research interests


Integrated Pest Management
Landscape Architecture
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Turfgrass and Soil Science


Mark H. Brand, Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., Ohio State University. Ornamental plant breeding, selection and improvement, especially with native species; management of invasive horticultural plants; development of internet horticultural resources. mark.brand@uconn.edu

George C. Elliott, Associate Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., North Carolina State University. Utilization of microbial inoculants in container media. Biological, chemical and physical properties of container media. Greenhouse crop production. george.elliott@uconn.edu

Julia Kuzovkina, Assistant Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., Ohio State University. Ornamental and environmental Horticulture. Taxonomy and selection of woody ornamental plants. Development of new crops and value-added products. Phytoremediation. jkuzovina@uconn.edu

Jessica Lubell, Assistant Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., University of Connecticut. Green roofs and ornamental native plants. jessica.lubell@uconn.edu

Richard J. McAvoy
, Professor of Horticulture, Ph.D., Rutgers University. Greenhouse crop production, plant-environment interactions, applied molecular genetics. richard.mcavoy@uconn.edu

Integrated Pest Management

Ana Legrand, Assistant Extension Professor of Entomology, Ph.D., University of Maryland. Integrated pest management, biological control and tritrophic level interactions. ana.legrand@uconn.edu

Landscape Architecture

John Alexopoulos, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, M.L.A., University of Massachusetts. Urban park history and community development. john.alexopoulos@uconn.edu

Peter Miniutti, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, M.L.A., Harvard University. Landscape architecture as a series of functional, spatial, and aesthetic systems; development of the 'Lands of Unique Value' methodology to direct pro-sensible development. peter.miniutti@uconn.edu

Kristin Schwab
, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, M.L.A., Iowa State University. Sustainable landscape planning and design; land art; the role of drawing in the design process; service learning through community design assistance. kristin.schwab@uconn.edu

Mark Westa, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, M.L.A., Harvard University. Use of computers to create and communicate meaningful design, assisting communities in planning and design through outreach projects. mark.westa@uconn.edu

Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Carol A. Auer, Associate Professor of Plant Physiology, Ph.D., University of Maryland. Risk assessment for plant biotechnology; ecological risk assessment; cytokinin biochemistry; hormonal control of plant development. carol.auer@uconn.edu

Gerald A. Berkowitz, Professor of Molecular Plant Biology, Ph.D., Brandeis University. Plant physiology and molecular biology-molecular analysis of ion channel structure: function; ion transport; photosynthesis. gerald.berkowitz@uconn.edu

Yi Li, Professor of Horticultural Biotechnology. Ph.D., State University of New York-Syracuse. Transgene containment (the gene deletor technology); genomics-guided mutation breeding and transgenic approaches to improve bioenergy and horticultural crops. yi.li@uconn.edu

Huanzhong Wang, Assistant Professor of Plant Molecular Biology, Ph.D., Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS. Molecular regulation of cellulosic biomass production; Genomics of biofuel feedstock; Plant reproductive biology. Huan-zhong.wang@uconn.edu

Turfgrass and Soil science

Karl Guillard, Professor of Agronomy, Ph.D., University of Connecticut. Development and evaluation of best management practices for turfgrass, with emphasis on nutrient management and water quality. karl.guillard@uconn.edu

Jason Henderson, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass and Soil Science, Ph. D., Michigan State University. Turfgrass establishment, root zone selection, root zone management, and alternative construction methods for tees, greens, and athletic fields. jason.henderson@uconn.edu

Thomas Morris, Associate Professor of Agronomy, Ph.D., Iowa State University. Soil fertility and nutrient management of agronomic and vegetable crops, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, and application of waste materials to agricultural land. thomas.morris@uconn.edu

Cristian P. Schulthess, Associate Professor of Soil Science, Ph.D., University of Delaware. Soil chemistry, primarily focused on the retention of compounds by soil constituents.cristian.schulthess@uconn.edu

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