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A.C.T. N.O.W.

Who we are

Uconn undergraduate students majoring in nutrition, allied health, nursing, and other science-related majors. We are eager to serve the community as volunteers to better the lives of our nation’s children.

Mission and Goals

1) Teach grade school children the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle through:

  • Meal planning with USDA MyPlate
  • Preparing healthy snacks and meals
  • Reading food labels

2) Incorporate basic nutrition and food safety principles into the nutrition curriculum and wellnes programs in local schools

  • Use quizzes to assess nutrition knowledge
  • Provide nutrition message for classrooms and school cafeterias

Club dues are $10.00 per semester, and membership is open to all UConn students.

When we meet

We meet every other Sunday in the Student Union Lounge at 7pm.

Why you should get involved

If any one of the following describe you, check out the Nutrition Club:

  • You love food
  • You enjoy being healthy and active
  • You are eager to teach children healthy lifestyles
  • You are interested in educating others on the contribution of good nutrition for health
  • You are interested in building your resume
  • You enjoy hanging out with other like-minded nutrition enthusiasts

Please contact Alana Benito at for more information.

News and Updates

Spring 2018 Seminar Series
A Seminar Series Presented by the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut
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