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Burmese Python ABR Slide Show

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This snake ABR was a first in the field of animal audiology.

The patient, Squash, is an albino Burmese python and belonging to Dr. and Mrs. Scheifele. At 15 feet long and 80 lbs. Squash is a handle-able reptile and was very cooperative during the ABR test. Since this was the first snake ABR, the Bioacoustics Laboratory has no norms for this reptile. The results of Squash's hearing test are unknown at this time. The Bioacoustics Laboratory must repeat the test many times to discover what a snake waveform is supposed to look like. When the waveform information is known a comparison will be made with Squash's results. Then a decision can be made about Squash's hearing ability.

frequency wave horizontal bar

Original photographs courtesy of the Bioacoustics Laboratory UConn. Edited by Frances Foley.

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