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whale tail slapping the water


UConn Advance Deer-Whistles Ineffective, Says Bioacoustics Researcher By Janice Palmer.


UConn Behavior & Bioacoustics newsletter The Signal summer 2006.

New York Times article By Jane Fritsch Some Fear That Fleets of Watchers May Harm Mammals September 1, 1997.

UConn Advance By Renu Sehgal Beluga whales are losing hearing February 21, 1997.

Chickens and Horses

Fox61 Special Assignment video story Animals and Music aired February 2007.
Scroll to the bottom of the list of videos and select Animals and Music.

Dogs: Canine ABR & Deafness

Audiology Online ABR Pretty Dog-Gone Versatile 10/19/2006.

Dog Fancy Magazine, December 2006 p 14.
Shelter Noise Hurts Dogs.

The Hartford Courant By Courtney McLeod August 20, 2006 viewed online at 4Hearing Loss News Is Fido really stubborn? Or is he deaf?.

National Geographic News
Animal "Speech" Project Aims to Decode Critter Communication By Maryann Mott, September 26, 2006.

Norwich Bulletin By Daniel Axelrod story viewed online at UConn Clinic to Test How Well Animals Hear November 27, 2006.

UConn Advance By Sherry Fisher High Schoolers Learn About Animal Bioacoustics Research March 28, 2005.

UConn Advance By David Bauman UConn bioacoustics expert explores hearing loss in dogs March 26, 2007.

frequency wave horizontal bar

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