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Dr. Michael Darre

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Dr. Darre has been on staff at the Department of Animal Science at UConn since January, 1981. He has published 1 Book Chapter, 10 Reviewed Articles, 25 Abstracts, 17 Extension Publications, 8 Video projects and 7 Conference Proceedings.

He is the Extension Poultry Specialist for Connecticut, and New England. As such he is responsible for all adult and youth extension poultry programs. For the commercial poultry industry he works primarily with the layer industry, broiler breeders and turkey producers on production and management. He organizes and runs the New England Turkey Growers Conference, the New England-New York Poultry Pest Management Conference and co-organizes the New England Poultry Health Conference each year. The major programs for 4-H and youth are the Incubation and Embryology project and Poultry Showmanship. Much of his time is also devoted to providing information and help to the small part-time/backyard poultry producers.

Research Interests:

His major research interests are lighting programs for poultry production and use of energy efficient light sources, reducing stress in poultry through environmental management and nutrition, and finding new types of feedstuffs and supplements to help poultry grow and produce more efficiently. He has recently collaborated on research to produce immunity against aflatoxins in poultry.


2003 - University Teaching Fellow
2001 - Extension Award of Merit

Hobbies and Non-Academic Interests:

He lives close to the University with his wife and two daughters. His interests include anything mechanical, woodworking and construction, music (guitar), and exercise.

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