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Pamela Mills Cone V.M.D.

UConn Bioacoustics Laboratory Veterinarian
Meadow Hill Veterinary Shoppe
Lebanon, CT.
Phone: 860-642-3450

Cincinnat Zoo

Dr. Scheifele will be conducting bioacoustics research with the Sumatran Rhinos.

Georgia Aquarium

Dr. Scheifele and his students performed acoustic mapping of the aquarium exhibit areas.

Dr. Doolittle Project

Dr. Darre and Dr. Scheifele are collaborators on the Dr. Doolittle Project focusing on the automatic classification of animal vocalizations. They participate by studying Beluga whales (St. Lawrence river estuary population), and poultry.
The areas of study include:

Discovery of Sound in the Sea

This educational website provides information about the science and uses of sound in the sea. Dr. Scheifele is a technical contributor and reviewer for Discovery of Sound in the Sea.

Dolphin Communication Project

Kristy Beard (Master's student, University of Connecticut) is looking at bubble emissions from the blowhole as a form of visual communication between dolphins.

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium, is located in historic Mystic, Connecticut famous for the Mystic Seaport Museum. Dr. Scheifele is a visiting researcher and former Head Trainer at the aquarium.

UConn Dept. of Communication Studies
& Communication Disorders

Faculty members of the Bioacoustics Laboratory Dr. Frank Musiek, is the Director of Auditory Research and Professor of Audiology in the Dept. of Communication Sciences. Dr. Peter Scheifele is an adjunct Assistant Professor and Researcher for the UConn Dept. of Communications.

University of Rhode Island
Department of Ocean Engineering

Dr. Scheifele and his students will be traveling to Alaska in the summer of 2007 to perform marine mammal bioacoustics research in conjuction with the URI Dept. of Ocean Engineering.

four research animals, snake, dogs and beluga whale
frequency wave horizontal bar

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