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About Us

The Bioacoustics Laboratory is addressing the concerns of canine owners and breeders who suspect hearing loss or deafness in their dogs. The ABR test being developed will become an important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine.

The equine and chicken vocalization research is focusing on the detection and reduction of stress in farm animals to increase productivity. Researchers are developing a module/unit that will pick up vocalizations of chickens in their house and transmit the meaning of those signals to the farmer.

Research into the relationship between noise levels and their impact on whale hearing continues. Noise samples are collected and compared with beluga hearing threshold measured from whales in captivity. The researchers will try to determine whether a threshold shift is likely to occur in the whales’ hearing.

Research Activities Summer 2007

Dr. Scheifele and his students will be traveling to Alaska to perform marine mammal bioacoustics research in conjuction with the URI Dept. of Ocean Engineering.

Dr. Scheifele and his students will also go to the Atlanta Aquarium to perform soundscape assessments of exhibits and hearing tests on their new Belugas.

Bioacoustics Laboratory Crew 2007

Bioacoustics Laboratory Crew 2007

First row from the left: Sara Tremblay, Ebenezer Otu-Nyarko, Sybil, Rebecca Pond, Kristy Beard, Michelle Pinto.
Back row: Kathryn Starke, Gary Cimmino, Shawn Makepeace, Dr. Peter Scheifele, Kristine Sonstrom, Dr. Michael Darre, Charlene Renée Downs.

Bioacoustics Laboratory Crew 2006

Bioacoustics Laboratory Crew 2006

Front row from the left: Kristy Beard, Kristine Sonstrom, Shawn Makepeace, Michelle Pinto.
Back row: Dr. Michael Darre, Gary Cimmino, Ebenezer Otu-Nyarko, Dr. Peter Scheifele.

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Original photographs courtesy of the Bioacoustics Laboratory UConn. Edited by Frances Foley.

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