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Welcome to the Bioacoustics Laboratory

The Bioacoustics Laboratory is a research collaboration among the University of Connecticut, University of Cincinnati and Marquette University.

The scope of animal science is continuing to grow in the 21st century. In no arena is this truer than in academics and research at universities worldwide. As part of the ever-widening scope bioacoustics is rapidly emerging as a critical topic relating to animal welfare and research. The list of universities worldwide who are getting involved with animal bioacoustics is growing.

Bioacoustics Laboratory research encompasses:

Canine audiology, hearing and vocalization research.
Poultry hearing and vocalization research.
Marine Mammal audiology.
Beluga whale audiology noise impacts, and vocalization research (specifically St. Lawrence river estuary and Alaskan populations).
Aquarium exhibit acoustics.
Ferret audiology.
Reptile audiology.
Equine audiology, hearing and vocalization research.
Hearing in Exotics.

Areas of investigation include:

Animal audiology and hearing assessment.
Impact of noise on animal well-being.
Automatic call segmentation and clustering.
Soundscape assessments.
Vocalization stress analysis on captive agricultural populations.

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Original photographs courtesy of the Bioacoustics Laboratory UConn and Frances C. Foley.

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