UConn Poultry Farm/Poultry Resource Unit

Who we are


The University of Connecticut Poultry Farm has been a feature of the UCONN campus since the 1940’s. Our main focus is raising breeder and egg laying poultry stocks. We have recently added a new building to our complex: the Poultry Resource Unit. 


This state-of- the-art facility reflects the high-tech operations that are the current industry standard and includes poultry housing as well as a hatchery. Together, the original structures and the new Poultry Resource Unit provide insight into the evolution of breeder poultry husbandry through the various penning, feed and water systems in use at the farm.



Contact Information


Dr. Michael J. Darre – Poultry Extension Specialist

Phone: 860-486-1008

Email: michael.darre@uconn.edu

John Wheeler – Farm Manager

            Phone: 860-486-2039

            Email: john.wheeler@uconn.edu

Karen Morι – Research Assistant

            Phone: 860-486-2427

            Email: karen.more@uconn.edu



Hours of Operation


Open seven days a week, including holidays, 7 am – 12 noon and 1 pm – 3 pm.



Services / Products available


Standard White Leghorn fertile eggs are available all year @ $9/dozen or 80’ per egg. Shipping and handling is an additional $8 and requires a customer to obtain a FedEx account number. Call to arrange pick up or shipping with farm staff.


We maintain lines of both Bantam and Standard breeds. Bantam types include Buff Cochin, Old English and Black Belgium. Standard types include Araucana and White Leghorn. In addition to fertile eggs from these breeds we occasionally sell young replacement stock as well as older laying hens. Call for availability and pricing information. Please keep in mind that specialty egg requests may require some lead time depending on order size.


We can do small batches of custom hatching. For example, we have provided 10 & 14 day embryos to researchers, hatched show birds for the Poultry Club and created custom crosses. Call for information and arrangements.


Our incubators run year round for research or custom hatching.


Eating eggs from our flocks can be found at the UCONN Dairy Bar. Stop by and pick up some farm fresh eggs for your table!



Farm Personnel


John Wheeler – Farm Manager

Karen Morι – Research Assistant

Lisa Nowak – Agricultural Worker

Carrie Chamberlain – Agricultural Worker





Looking for mutant poultry? Try our UCONN Poultry Resource Unit.




Do you have questions about disease in poultry? Try the Pathobiology department website.




Our resident poultry disease expert, Dr. Mazhar Khan, has a website as well.



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