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Undergraduate and Graduate Education

Listed here are undergraduate and graduate course offerings in the Department, plus links to Animal Science courses presently on the WWW. If you'd like to learn more about many aspects of majoring in Animal Science, click on the Handbook link below. Works for you students who have lost the Handbook you got, too....

Currently Enrolled Students

We encourage Animal Science students to visit this site below periodically for updates on useful resources that are available to you on campus and within the Department. Some of these resources just might save you valuable time and money!

Student Activities

A number of extracurricular activities are available not only to students majoring in Animal Science, but to any UConn student. These include:

Prospective Students

Interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in Animal Science or related fields at UConn? Check out these links to find out more about the Department, the application process and how to schedule a visit:

The Department

The University

Programs, Events and Activities

The Department of Animal Science offers several programs that have their own home pages, and is involved in many annual events. Those links are listed here:


The members of the faculty of the Department of Animal Science have varied interests and offer a wide range of expertise. Follow these links to get a closer view:

Suggestions or Questions?

Animal Science Main Office Phone: 860 486-2413, email Webmaster, or try UConn Phonebook

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